Development of Central Kyoto Mosque (KCM)

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Building a mosque is a charity that is considered good in Islam. When Prophet Muhammad SAW entered the city of Medina, the first thing he wanted to do was build a Quba Mosque.

For us Muslims, mosques have always been a central place to worship. Unfortunately at this time, in Kyoto there is not a single building that is fully dedicated as a mosque. The main place of worship run by the Kyoto Muslim Associations (KMA) since 1998 to date is just a basement in a building. Therefore, KMA intends to build a mosque called Kyoto Cetral Mosque (KCM).

Pembangunan Kyoto Central Masjid KCM

Dompet Dhuafa Japan also invites the Muslims all in raising funds to help our brother KMA in realizing its good intentions through:

Dompet Dhuafa Japan Account:
Japan Post Bank
No. Rec. 10130 – 43392951
a.n. Zai Dompet Dhuafa
Swift Code: JPPSJPJ1

Phone./sms/line: +8170 1060 1141


Kyoto Bank
Branch: Takano (branch code: 143)
A / C number: 3461097 (Ordinary)
Swiftcode: BOKFJPJZ
(More can be seen on the poster)

May all our deeds be repaid kebaika by Allah SWT.

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