Help the inhabitants of Ghouta City, Syria

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Again, Syria (Ghouta) is bombarded ….

Our brothers in Ghouta, Syria are bombarded, hundreds of children, women and even rescuers are victims …

Who will help them!

What is happening in Ghouta, Syria is a savagery, the loss of conscience and the values ​​of humanity, the arrogance and resentment of the oppressors of dzalim even during their ceasefire period continue to be bombarded.

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It is not appropriate for us to condemn it, when the brothers are bombarded with bombs and the world is silent.

Let’s do something; help with our prayers or treasures to alleviate and even eliminate their suffering

Come with Ghouta, Syria!
The support of fathers and mothers can be channeled through accounts:

Japan Post Bank
a.n. Zai Dompet Dhuafa ザ イ) ド ン ペ ッ ト ド ゥ ア フ ァ

Email to, or
Line / WA / Call +81-70-1060-1141, or
Inbox at

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Help the inhabitants of Ghouta City, Syria

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